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You can try it http: Instead of using height: I removed the style tag from your HTML file.

Page background image scales massively when form viewed on iPad

It's a good practice to keep all styling in the css file. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Full-screen background image blurred on iphone Ask Question. I have next main section html code: Dec 26 '14 at 1: You didn't mention what the problem is.

Responsive Full Background Image Using CSS

You'll probably want to set constraints on the UIImageView so it grows or shrinks with the various screen sizes. Stretching the image would result a blurry result. EricS Problem: I can get the image to fill the 4" screen, but I cannot get it to scale to fill the 4. The 4 and 4.

Flimm 53k 23 Allen Allen Then please explain what image dimensions would be: You may have noticed that you see different size photos for some contacts versus others when you get incoming calls on your iPhone. Some are small circles in the top corner of the screen, while others a big, appealing full-screen photos.

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This article will explain to you why some photos are small, why some are full-screen, and how to get full-screen photos for all of your incoming calls. Getting a call on the iPhone used to mean that the entire screen would fill up with a picture of the person calling you assuming you had a picture of them assigned to the in your Contacts app , that is. It was an appealing, highly visual way of knowing who was calling.

Page background image scales massively when form viewed on iPad

That changed in iOS 7. With that version of the iOS, the full-screen picture was replaced by a small circular version of the picture in the top corner of the incoming call screen. Even worse, there was no way to change it back to full screen. Users complained.

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  • Why had Apple made a feature that offered big, good-looking pictures so small and boring? We never found out why Apple made that change, but Apple pretty quickly brought the full-screen photos back. If you're adding a brand new photo for a contact to your iPhone, things are very easy.

    how to fit pictures on your home screen.

    Whether you're replacing a contact's existing photo or adding one for the first time, just add the photo the way you normally would:.